Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hold me closer tony danza...

So I've decided, in order to make Wednesdays suck a little less, I'm going to introduce a theme day! Basically, I'll post something interesting I found on the web-- a youtube video, a website, another blog that's almost as awesome as mine... whatever. For now I'll just call it Web Wednesday. Horribly stupid, I know. But, I'm hungry and so I'm fine with that for now. (And if that seems like a bit of a non-sequitor, that just means you don't know me very well.)

So here's one of the best scenes ever in a movie, courtesy of youtube. I love/hate that little time-waster, like many other sites existing in the interwebs. Aren't computers supposed to make us more productive?

I dare you to not get "Tiny Dancer" stuck in your head. And if you haven't seen Almost Famous yet, go out and rent it. Now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

that night, a forest grew

I got an email from Xanga today. It's crazy how old stuff like that can haunt you sometimes. So I hopped, skipped, and jumped on over to that bugger and it really has updated itself, hasn't it? Most of my entries are from 2004. Wow. I'm sure years from now I'll be coming back to this site... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, it's pretty embarrasing reading some of the posts. I got quite political with some: (from the entry "the donkey wins again")

ahaha... do you get the meaning of my title? the republicans are donkeys, and
bush is a jackass with big ears!

Most of the time I was just pretty ridiculous:

C: “I don’t get it, if curiousity killed the cat, then what about Curious
J: “He wasn’t a cat”
M: “But he did get in trouble”
J: “Yea, in a series of childerns books”

And having a regular blog became kind of boring, so I started typing in this ditzy valley girl type prose. Oh, the memories!

so today, right, i was meditating... in like total deep concentration to "de-stress". but then i totally started to stress out because like i started thinking about school, and homework, and, well, you know how that is. grr. but finally i go into my deep state of concentration and then it's like, what's next? but then i remember how you're suppose to ask a question like, "what is the sound of one hand clapping?" or somethin' like really weird. so i'm thinking, thinking... and my question was, "why is
the sky blue?" and like, sure, there's all this sciencey stuff that answers that, but, ew.. boring. so i like came up with my own explaination.

see, back when God created the world, he so wanted to paint the sky totally pretty so that people can always look up and have something nice to look at. so he goes to the paint store and is all,

"Gimmie all your colors."

and paint shop owner guy goes: "we don't have all of them yet. we've only got blue"

"you'veonly got blue? what?!"

"yeah, and only sky blue at that."

"you opened a paint shop with only one color?"

"yea. ok. get of my back, God. the world has just been created. the other colors are coming later tonight if you want em, but all i've got is blue for now."

so God's all, "fine, whatev, just give me the blue..." and then he goes and splashes it all over the sky. that evening, God returns to the shop.

"you got your colors yet?" he asks."Yea. dude, why you gotta be such a prick about this situation?"

"Uhh... that's who i am. i'm God. so be nice if you dont wanna get smited, you know what i'm saying?"

so God uses all the other colors to pain the sunset. he's painting and painting, and it's taking a super long time, so then he's all "screw this", and takes all the buckets and throws them at the sky and gets black.


and that, my friends, is what they didn't teach you in sunday school. oh, and, wow, do i feel refreshed. everyone should like so try meditating. it seriously helps clear your mind. like now... i'm not thinking at all. (but, like, since i look so smart, i can totally pull it off.)

And those were just from the first few pages! So in case you were wondering, I was always like this.

Monday, April 7, 2008

because one was simply not enough contain this mind!

Yes, this is my... second blog. The first is public, too, if you care to search for it (please don't, if you know what's good for you. mwhaha). So, this is the filtered version of my thoughts. Yes, the censored ones. It's scary, I know. Mostly I'll post stuff like this, because I hate writing about things I've actually done:

Yesterday I was feeling a little down after work for some unknown reason (ok, the reason was, I had just finished working), and I started contemplating on the notion of how easy it would be to simply disappear. Not in the *poof* I'm gone, way, but in the... if I didn't have a family, I could become entirely insignificant. I could have a job and not talk to any of my co-workers. Live in a small apartment and never meet my neighbors. My abandoned friends would simply wonder for a while where I'd gone to, but eventually I'd just be a girl they once knew, and hey, what ever happened to her? I mean, not that I would ever want to disappear or anything, but... I could, in a way. I guess you'd say that'd just be having no social life, but isn't the "social" part such an important part of "life"? I wonder about all the people who have fallen through the cracks in our society; not the deviants, but the ones who exist for no one. And I wonder if it's by choice...circumstance...fear? Are there people like that? If there were, no one would ever know.

But as long as I'm posting, I won't disappear.

How's that for a first entry? I hope I didn't scare anyone away.

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