Saturday, November 29, 2008

you are what you eat

Today is a new day. Lately I’ve been eating out too much. Staying up too late. Drinking too much, and then eating some more. It’s so gluttonous and basically disgusting. I don’t exercise. I don’t write. I don’t read. My focus is just… wooosh!

But today is a new day. Admittedly, I was getting fast food, but one step at a time: I didn’t get any fries. I KNOW. Oh how I was craving that salty, golden, fried, waffle-shaped piece of heaven. I could feel its soft warmness in my mouth, and I salivated at the thought. If only I could devour it and start to feel the slow clogging of my arteries… if only. Sigh. I’d do the Snoopy dance of joy. Amazingly, I went for the fruit cup. The overpriced three bites and you’re done snack of unsatisfactory. I still want my fries, dammit. Well, at least as I sit here eating my third chocolate chip cookie, I can say to myself “You’ve done good, kid. You’ll thank yourself later.”

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

its been a long time coming

Wow. You'd think I'd like a room like this, one with as many books as possible within arms length. But really, yikes. I don't know if I would be tempted to spend all my days in bed, or if it would just make me feel really really guilty that I'm not reading more. Probably the latter.

Speaking of things I should be doing, hopefully more posts (of substance next time) will be... posted. On this blog. Soon.

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