Thursday, June 18, 2009

school's out for summer

There's something about rock and roll that warms your heart and fills your soul. Maybe it's rock's history, or iconic status, or simply the fact that it sounds awesome, but I'm going to say that if you're a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll. Not everything can be expressed while shaking your ass out on the dance floor (I'm talking to you, KIIS FM). Sometimes people are sad. Sometimes they're happy. Sometimes they just want to beat someone up. For all of those things, there is a rock song that will fit your mood. I know I'm going through a neurotic emotional crisis when all the songs on the radio seem to reflect my own life. It might be projecting a bit to really believe that whatever those rockstars are singing about is really meant for you. It's kind of like that section in US weekly where they show celebrities eating a burrito because THEY'RE JUST LIKE US. But I still think there's an extent of universality in song lyrics that helps you connect to the music. Rock allows for such a variety of melodies, which is why it's always there to make you feel like you're not alone, no mater what you're feeling. It's a tangible thing that you can listen to and say "Yes. THESE are my emotions."

You know how they say there's a halmark card for every occasion? I like to say that there's a song for every emotion. HA! That's corny.

Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside her theres longing
This girls an open page
Book marking - shes so close now
This girl is half his age

Dont stand, dont stand so
Dont stand so close to me

Her friends are so jealous
You know how bad girls get
Sometimes its not so easy
To be the teachers pet
Temptation, frustration
So bad it makes him cry
Wet bus stop, shes waiting
His car is warm and dry

Dont stand, dont stand so
Dont stand so close to me

...Sorry, I just got distracted by this really catchy song. ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Honorable Mention

Everyone's the star of the their own life, but sometimes I can't shake the feeling that I'm not even the top billing in that. There are some people that Do, and some people that Watch, and what can I say, I'm a watcher. Not in the creepy, stalker way, but lets just say that most of my thrills are of the vicarious variety. I don't think there's anything wrong with being a people-pleaser (to a certain extent), and wanting those around you to be happy, but at the same time perhaps I'm focusing on other people's happiness at the cost of my own.

Sometimes I win awards. I'm not particularly ambitious, but once in a while I'll over achieve. You know what place I always get? 4th. As in, "Well, you did a good job, and you almost deserve a real award. Here's an Honorable Mention certificate." The other award I often get is Most Improved. This one says, "Well, at least you didn't get worse! As if that were possible..." Not that I don't appreciate the recognition, but you know, I think it'd be nice to get 1st once in a while. Or even 3rd. I'm not super ambitious or anything.

So you know that question, if someone were to star in a movie about your life, who would it be? I realized I'd never really be the protagonist in anything. I'd be the quirky, sarcastic best friend to some cute girl with less wit but better luck. I'd give great advice that no one would ever follow. Circumstance would propel her to fame and fortune, or at least get her a guy, and I'd be there to eat ice cream and watch sad movies with her when her heart breaks, right before the inevitable conclusion when all her dreams come true. I'd be the Bonnie Hunt to someone's Meg Ryan. Yes, that's who would play me: Bonnie Hunt.

But you know, even Bonnie got her own talk show, so I think I'm doing alright...

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