Monday, December 21, 2009

the momentum is gone

Oh no! I was doing so good this morning. I went shopping, did laundry, cleaned out my car, and then washed my car. But as I slowed down to enjoy a late lunch, that's when it all ended. My squishy behind has felt it's counterpart, my lumpy couch (good thing those adjectives aren't switched!) and now, it promises not to move for anything less than an apocalypse.

For some reason, the question, "If you were an animal, what would you be?" seems to come up a lot in my life. Another variation includes, "What is your favorite animal?" And no, I am not in 2nd grade. Blame it on lame icebreakers and those discussion classes where the group is small enough and the teacher feels the need to do some ice breaking so everyone can get super close and bond over the course of the quarter.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, well, I've started to enjoy answering by saying "I would be a black stallion" in a really cool and sublime way. Because I'm wild, and free, and beautiful, duh. On days like this, though, I think a sloth is a more appropriate animal. Days like this, being most days. On my good days, I'm maybe a turtle. I'm mellow, with a hard outer shell, and kind of snappy. But that doesn't make for quite as good of an impression.

Have you ever noticed how in those classes there's always the same type of people? There's that super unique girl that says she's a platypus, thus cementing how unique she is. That guy who sits in the back and slouches in his chair and says in a tone of complete boredom that he's something awesome like a lion or cheetah, when clearly he is not. There's that really nice, cute but forgettable type of girl that says she's a dog. And then there's that slightly overweight dorky Asian guy who says he's a panda, sometimes said with a laugh if he thinks he's one of the funny slightly overweight dorky Asians.

And now that I have effectively wasted time writing this, I think I'll go back to doing nothing. Me FTW!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

at her feet was a footloose man

I must admit, I'm pretty addicted to Glee. Just in time for the hiatus until April. Woo!

I haven't done this in a while...

The Good: Although the first episode felt like some strange mixture of High School Musical and the movie Election, it was also pretty much brilliant. Somehow it managed to hit all the right notes (a pun!) and it was sweet, funny, and damn entertaining. While the rest of the season never quite reached that peak, it sometimes came pretty close. And always, even though they are obviously lip syncing, the song and dance numbers are fun! And the MVP of the series, Sue Sylvester, never fails to be awesome. I can't wait to ride that train next spring; destination: HORROR!

The Bad: Honestly, the characters are pretty blah. Not that they don't have personality, but even the likable ones aren't really people that endear themselves to you. Rachel's the lead character, yet most episodes you just kind of hate her. Will's kind of annoying. Kurt has troubles being gay, but sometimes he's just a bitch. There's Sue, but she's more of the love-to-hate variety. Eveyone's sort of two dimensional, and some characters, like The Other Asian, don't even have lines. I love Glee, but if the show never came back, I wouldn't really care about what ever happened to these characters. All I'd miss was snazzy renditions of catchy songs.

The Ugly: The writing is so all over the place it gives me whiplash. Stupid story lines about fake babies and yearbook defacing... it doesn't go as far as complete satire, yet it's not a realistic show in any way. Sue is a cold-hearted villain who enjoys kicking a person when he's down, yet she has enough empathy to visit her mentally challenged sister every week? I'm just really really confused with what type of show this is. The plots seem to almost act as draping for an excuse to break out in song and dance every week. See if this seems familiar:

Will walks in rehearsal room

Will: Hey kids! I have a new number for us to practice! This is because (it's a new category for competition, Artie's in a wheel chair, we need more hair in our numbers, etc.), so let's get started! Rachel you are the lead!

Rachel smiles HUGELY.
Kurt rolls his eyes.
Mercedes shoots her the death glare
Finn tries to figure out what the word "practice" means.
Quinn pouts.

The singing starts and all the "kids" get into it!

Will: That was great guys! We're going to blow them away at sectionals!

Kids cheer!

Sue walks in

Sue: You look like a lesbian, Will. My Cheerios RULE ALL! I'm going to destroy your little Glee club. MWAHAHAHA.

Will looks angry.


Does it seem familiar? That's because it happens EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

In conclusion, I'm such a sucker for cheesy musical numbers and get easily sucked into teen dramas. And I'm proud of it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

it's december!

I really enjoyed the gloomy weather today. Although I guess "gloomy" is a word that doesn't do it justice. The sky looked like it was covered with a million little cotton balls, and the trees swayed slowly in the cold December air reaching out to unseen memories in the years of their life that got them to stand so tall. It made me nostalgic for simpler times, for who takes the time to stare up at the sky anymore? Who wonders how old a tree is?

I looked out my window today for quite a while. I felt like I was staring at the essence of beauty.

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